Fertilizing your lawn is key to keeping your soil healthy throughout the year. The kind of fertilizer you apply must have nitrogen, either fast-release or controlled-release. Lawn care professionals will usually offer a balance of fast and controlled. You also will have the choice between organic or synthetic fertilizer. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but many invest in organic fertilizer because:
Can anyone recommend the necessary amount of time that I should be watering my lawn in Utah? Also, I have small “Bumps” all over my lawn. Could these be caused by some kind of animal? If so, how can I get rid of them. Also, I have some spots in my lawn that WILL NOT grow no matter how much I water or plant seeds etc. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
With all the options you have to choose from from different lawn care services in the Dallas Texas area it's hard to figure out who's good and who's not so good. Sure there are tons of online listings for lawn cutting services near me in Dallas, Tx but the reality is when you try to call any of my lawn maintenance competitors they will not even bother to return your phone call for a lawnmowing estimate. That's because most lawnmowing companies in Dallas are busy keeping up with their lawn care service routes throughout the Dallas metropolitan area and don't have time to return your phone call. I myself have been guilty of this and it's easy to do. That's how GreenPal has helped me with my lawn mowing business. I can get you a quick lawn mowing price turned around within five minutes for how much it's going to cost to cut your grass. Maybe you're wanting something a little more than just grass cutting maybe you're wanting a full landscape renovation, fall leaf removal, or a turf seeding or landscaping renovation.
“I rent a home in Vickery Place in Dallas. As you can probably guess I wasn't looking for private gardener or professional landscape maintenance contractor or anything like that I just wanted a basic grass cutting every two weeks. I found GreenPal in the Google play store while looking for on demand lawn care service apps and download it and got six free lawnmowing quotes and hired a cheap lawn care service in Dallas to cut my grass for me. Everything was super smooth and super easy with the yard maintenance. I didn't have to argue over the lawn cutting pricing or leave a check for the lawn mowing service under the mat like I used to have to do with my previous lawn care service in Dallas. I highly recommend GreenPal for people in Dallas that are tired of messing around arguing over the lawn mowing prices and waiting around for lawnmowing estimates.”
I pull out any perennials that I’ve used in container gardens and plant them in the ground. I have lots of creeping jenny in containers and it’s actually a perennial here in Zone 4. To save money, I will dig it all out of the planters and put it in a small nursery pot and bury the plant, pot and all. I’m also going to try this with some vinca vine this year. Hosta is another perennial that I use in shady container gardens sometimes.

Touching Collin, Denton, Kaufman, Rockwall and of course, Dallas counties, even our city is massive. Come to think of it... our lawns are pretty massive too… and we worked our butts off for our massive lawns. Let’s be real, we all know what the weekends are for─brunch and mimosas with friends and family; not for mowing the lawn and picking the weeds out of the yard.

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Squash bugs overwinter as adults. They typically leave the plants to nestle under leaf litter and mulch. Aphids can overwinter as either adults or eggs. And how stinkbugs overwinter depends on the species. The trick is to aim for a balance, especially in the vegetable garden where pests can have a real economical impact. I’d suggest you get rid of any plants you know were heavily infested, but leave any “clean” plants intact because when you get rid of debris, you’re also getting rid of overwintering sites for the predatory beneficial insects that naturally help keep these common pests in check. You want the beneficials to stay in the garden so that you have a natural checks-and-balances system already in place if/when any pest insects survive the winter, too. It’s all about having a good balance.
Dallas' skyline contains several buildings over 700 feet in height. Although some of Dallas' architecture dates from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, most of the notable architecture in the city is from the modernist and postmodernist eras. Iconic examples of modernist architecture include Reunion Tower, the JFK Memorial, I. M. Pei's Dallas City Hall and Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center. Good examples of postmodernist skyscrapers are Fountain Place, Bank of America Plaza, Renaissance Tower, JPMorgan Chase Tower, and Comerica Bank Tower. Several smaller structures are fashioned in the Gothic Revival style, such as the Kirby Building, and the neoclassical style, as seen in the Davis and Wilson Buildings. One architectural "hotbed" in the city is a stretch of historic houses along Swiss Avenue, which contains all shades and variants of architecture from Victorian to neoclassical. The Dallas Downtown Historic District protects a cross-section of Dallas commercial architecture from the 1880s to the 1940s.
Garden Design has been providing both residential and commercial landscape and outdoor living services since 1993.  Services for Garden Design in Dallas, San Antonio, Austin and Houston include, but are not limited to, landscape and outdoor living design, landscape installation, irrigation and sprinkler systems, outdoor construction including outdoor kitchens, landscape and outdoor lighting and water features.